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Royalty Rewards

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Join our Royalty Rewards Club.  It is completely FREE and gives you the opportunity to receive FREE Gift Certificates for the great food you love. 

 Here's the way it works:

* Every time you use your Membership Card at Cajun Boilers, we will automatically track your purchases and assign points to your account.

* After you have earned 200 points you will be mailed a FREE $10.00 Gift Certificate

* Your points roll over & you will continue to receive Gift Certificates for every 200 points that you earn

* We will help you celebrate your birthday's and anniversary with additional FREE $15.00 Gift Certificates

* You will be the first to be notified of specials and events

* Every Tuesday that you come in you will receive double points

* There are no expiration dates for your accumulated points!

* We get the pleasure of getting to know you in a way that only an independent restaurant can

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